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The State of Maryland de jure Assembly has reviewed fluoride concerns with health and we have found fluoride to be a risk to Maryland residents’ health and wellbeing.

Predominantly, most of Maryland’s population are consuming public water via showering, drinking, cooking, washing dishes, washing clothing, etc.

Developed countries such as Japan and 97% of western European countries do not add fluoride to their water. In the U.S. 70% of public water is fluoridated and, Maryland fluoridates the water of 93.7% of the Maryland population.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified fluoride as a drug. This drug is used to prevent or mitigate disease which in the case of fluoride, it is added for the sole purpose of preventing tooth decay. All other chemicals are added to improve the water’s quality or safety.

Maryland residents do not have a choice. They are being forced to ingest a drug irrespective of their consent and the dose of this drug cannot be controlled due to individuals drinking different amounts of water.

Additionally, today individuals receive fluoride from many sources besides water such as food and beverages processed with fluoridated water, dental products, and pesticide residues on food.

Fluoride is NOT an essential nutrient. There are no benefits to it, just risks.

Here are some videos about fluoride and it's effect on our bodies: