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How will projects be funded?


Assembly members are welcome to suggest projects they want to implement for the benefit of the residents of Maryland. 


Criteria for submitting a proposal for funding are as follows:

Who can submit?

Any Maryland resident can send a proposal but if you are under the age of 18 please have your parent’s permission when sending in your request.

What does a project submission consist of?

A business plan, executive summary, budget, and project schedule with milestones.

Who will review the project submission form or proposal?

The committee of project management

What will the review process consist of?

The review process is a Discussion, Research, Ideas, Business Plan, Implementation of the Plan, and Track Results.

How much time will be needed for this review process?

It depends on how clear and concise the required documentation is.

When can projects be submitted?


How long should a project take?

That would depend on a few factors.  Please submit your project criteria for evaluation.

What is the amount of funding available for a project?

While there is no limit to the size of a project, it is expected that most projects will be funded for less than $500,000,000.

What can project funds be used for?

Funds can be used on Nature Preservation, Health & Wellness, Transportation, Infrastructure, Education, safety and other.


Below we will list active and completed projects:


Working together we SUCCEED!

Project #1


Project #2


Project #3


Submit a Project!