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Join us as we restore the voice and power of the People by the People. Let's create the type of reality we would like to live in! 

Please fill out and submit online the "Assembly Member Application" form and the "Resolution of One Accord" form found to the right of this page.

Please make sure to fill out all required fields and click on "Submit" for your entry to be recorded.

If you are an assembly member and you would like to add an item (i.e. issue, policy, procedure) to the weekly meeting agenda, please email us 24 hrs before the weekly meeting so that it is addressed. Else, it will be addressed the following week.

If you are an assembly member and you would like to view a meeting recording, minutes of a meeting, or the agenda please write to us at the email address below. Please provide your name and the date of the meeting you would like to watch.

  • E-Mail Us:
The following constitutes the articles of association for the State of Maryland de jure Assembly. By entering the website for the first time and continuing to use it thereafter, every member agrees that he or she has read the following and is party to a social compact under these private articles.

The State of Maryland de jure Assembly is a Public Benefit Non-Profit Organization with a voting membership. The resources of the Assembly are only available for access and use to members.

Rules for joining the Assembly: you must be a resident of Maryland, United States for at least 12 months and should be in agreement with our mission, goals and rules of conduct.

As a Public Benefit Organization, the State of Maryland de jure Assembly strictly adheres to the principle that all members are here within to assist and support each other in their pursuit of solutions in each other’s lives, to step into life as prosperous, productive, healthy, and free members of the society and the world at large. All members commit to the principle that they will:

  • Not purposefully cause harm to themselves, each other, the society, or the world at large,
  • Shall utilize the contents herein for peaceful and productive purposes to be part of building a new sustainable world that is best for all and supports all life on Planet Earth, and should harm be caused inadvertently with the applications of knowledge and awareness gained herein, shall immediately apologize for such harm to the offended party(s) and seek to redress and correct the mistakes and results caused therefrom.
  • Should any harm or issue come about between members requiring resolution, the members agree to submit such issues to the council to be assigned to a board of arbitration made up of members of the Association as a jury of their peers and shall settle all such disputes or issues peaceably and take as binding the conclusions of the board that hears the matter.
Your membership in the State of Maryland de jure Assembly is an at-will association and you are not obligated, but encouraged, to participate in community, city, county, or state efforts by the Assembly.

All members agree to not use this membership for personal profit or gain.

Every member of the Assembly, by their entry into membership and use of the State of Maryland de jure Assembly and its contents and materials, agrees, understands, consents, and affirms that all written materials, audio and visual content, conversations, discussions, or other communications spoke, written or otherwise transferred and or received are not legal, medical or tax advice, legal, medical or tax instruction or otherwise in any way construed to be such.

The members agree and understand that any and all such audio/video material, paperwork, or oral instruction is given and/or received or otherwise disseminated by any member of the society is done ONLY at the voluntary participation of the members and only for the development of knowledge and understanding as to the available rights, remedies and other solutions to the members’ personal and private affairs, and that such is undertaken and conveyed solely as part of membership in the Assembly and are to be applied by each individual as per their own personal self-responsibility in choice and application thereof. Further, each member agrees that these resources, unless published publicly by the Assembly are private documents, conversations, and information and will not release, reveal or share this information with non-members.

All members affirm that they undertake any and all decisions or actions as a result of the content and materials of the State of Maryland de jure Assembly pursuant to their own self-directed choice and personal responsibility and are fully and wholly responsible for any and all results obtained thereby.