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The global restoration plan is a revitalization and redistribution of basic life essentials: clean water, clean air, safe affordable shelter, abundant and affordable eco-friendly energy, nutritious life-sustaining and affordable food, a clean environment, and safe communities. 

Every community knows best what their community needs. The Restoration plan’s goal is to help communities revitalize themselves with active action-oriented Committees.

Assembly members contribute to a wide range of activities that help our communities and the functioning of the assembly itself. 

We invite you to review our committees and if you have skills to help in a specific field that would be a contribution to the projects and our community, please join the committee!

The heads of these committees will serve as members of the National Committee of Safety along with two officers from every state.

Below are our assembly's committees:


Working together we SUCCEED!


Identifies and researches threats foreign and domestic. Vets new members and protects the identity of members; monitors meetings.

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Project Management

Gathers ideas from committees to develop project business plans. Once funded, manages projects to be developed and implemented.

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Reviews and makes recommendations on budgets for the state. Provides general financial oversight, planning, budgeting, and reporting.

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Management and review of laws.

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Law Enforcement

Enforces the laws within Maryland.

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Needs Assessment

Management of municipal services.

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Oversees management and preservation of the environment.

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Health & Wellness

Oversees the health and wellness of human, animal, and plants.

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Public Works

Oversees and manages transportation, infrastructure and utilities.

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Sets goals and objectives for the education system.

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Family Services

Formulates plans for improving the lives of families within Maryland.

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Oversees and manages all communication mediums including technology usage.

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