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Protect Your Rights!

Have you responded to the "needs assessment" survey?  Please make sure you do so that your community's needs are addressed.  We look forward to hearing from and working with you and your community!

Also, if you notice any infrastructure in your community that requires repair or replacement, please let us know here: Infrastructure Repair or Replace


Who We Are

We are a Maryland grassroots movement working to reclaim freedom, uphold natural law and restore the voice and power of the people.

What We Do

The state of Maryland de jure Assembly’s mission is to achieve full compliance of our public servants at every level of government statewide from your local Board of Education Members, Traffic Court Justices, and Sheriffs to the Governor. We wish to return our state to its people and the original “Law of the Land.”

How Will We Succeed In Our Endeavors

We are modeling ourselves after other growing state de jure assemblies throughout the nation. These groups are growing and accomplishing amazing things. As grassroots movements, we are finding our common bond in the desire for true freedom.

It is a freedom based on wanting what is best for all beings on the planet.  It is also sovereignty born from knowing that this freedom cannot be taken for granted.

It must continuously be protected, guarded, and expanded through wise action, effort, speech, and thought.  Join us as we endeavor to be the guardians of our freedom - Our Sovereignty.

Why Join In The Maryland de jure Assembly?

Our goal is to unite ALL Maryland citizens no matter their race, gender, belief, etc...

We are uniting under the common goal of bringing love, decency, human rights, kindness, courage, and respect back as the glue that bonds us all together.

We acknowledge and respect our differences as we come together to rebuild our communities, state, and counties.

Assembly meetings are held every Wednesday @ 10:00 a.m. (EST).  All our meetings are virtual, online.
Join Us!